Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dealing with the Klan and the SCOTUS decision eliminating the Voting Rights Act - 8:00PM EST

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Black Autonomy Federation Radio examines serious issues facing the Black community in the current economic and political climate in the United States.

Tonight we will look back to the anti-Klan demonstrations held in Memphis back in March as we look forward to dealing with the annual White Supremacist pilgrimage to the city.

Do you know how the Black community will be affected by the recent Supreme Court decision on ruling the Voting Rights Act unconstitutional? We will offer our views and what we must do to deal with the coming changes in the future. - Free myspace Profile Counter

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  1. Looking forward to this evenings show. It takes a well disciplined soldier/warrior to keep the calmness. Being wise with understanding keeps us fresh and ready for any struggle. Here is a small bit of what I think about the decision passed down earlier this week/ my opinion is strichtly that mine. I preface this by saying it is apparent more so then anytime we have to organize and lead our people to a more AUTONOMOUS future free and non dependent upon a "government" that has no interest in people at all.

    Here's a piece of my thought process:Let me digress for a moment here. Something just reminded me of the "Yessa Boss" Mentality that our more appropriate Negroids in specific that Uncle Tom sitting up there on the "Supreme " Court. Firstly what makes it supreme? Secondly how did these hinch men and women over turn an historic decision that protected people of color from the ostrosizing White People placed upon them for a simple right to chose. What the hell is wrong with this United States? United we are NOT! They hung Ninjas from trees. They burned, raped and killed black folks for the hell of it. And this self loathing step and fetchit ninja sat there and did nothing? His mammie and grand mammie are turning over in there graves, because they took all that S***t for his black @$$ to be sittin' up there in the first place. What is he thinking they chose him cause he was a cool "black guy, the my nigga type"? Back we go. Gonna have to protect our own by any means neccesary!~ Sister in the struggle Sherelle