Saturday, June 15, 2013

BAF Radio: Food Insecurity, Homelessness Among Blacks and moving from Obedience to Rebellion to Insurrection

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Black Autonomy Federation Radio will examine some serious issues facing the Black community today in the current economic and political climate in the United States.


I.) Food Security and being removed from food-stamps. Sequester Obama government cutbacks

II). 50% of the Homeless in America are Black!

III). Moving from obedience to Rebellion and Insurrection - Free myspace Profile Counter

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  1. We are so honored to work with Scotty Reid of Black Talk Radio Network to present these programs to our people. We feel that through such new media we are educating broad masses with a point of view not heard before. We are coming hard with the truth, and nothing but the truth, at a time of widespread lies, treachery,and opportunism by so-called middle class Black nationalist, bought off by the white power structure. Too many are afraid to speak up, or are paid not to speak up, or even paid to keep the people in the dark. With this show, we are able to liberate the facts, while we liberate the people.