Saturday, August 30, 2014

Black People Have A Right To Rebel

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Black People Have A Right To Rebel: Countering the Government’s Pacification Program Inspiring the People to Resistance. The recent rebellion over police terrorism in Ferguson, Missouri, was both a militant protest against the racist police murder of 18-year old Michael Brown Jr. by a white cop, and an act of anti-government insurrection. In response, the government threw an army of cops with military weapons at a mass of civilian resisters.

The government and its pacification agents led by Barack Obama and his proxy, Al Sharpton, tell us that we should not fight in the streets and that the cops are somehow in our communities to protect us. We must reject such calls and spread the rebellious resistance exhibited in Ferguson to other cities all over the USA. Further, we must reject pacifism as an ideology of defeat, surrender and compromise, and call upon black youth and their allies to keep fighting and step it up to armed self-defense.

In fact, we call upon them to build armed self-defense units in neighborhoods in all the cities and towns of America until we have a broad-based Black Partisan Militia as a people’s army. Join us this week on Black Autonomy Federation Radio for a discussion on issues of self-defense and a new protest and resistance movement.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Administrator of Killed By Police & Pig State News

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Ferguson, Missouri, has been on fire with days of protest over the death of Michael Brown Jr. Tens of thousands of people like Michael Brown have been killed by law enforcement officers in the United States and their deaths have been mostly covered up.

What do these large number of deaths mean? Why doesn't the government prosecute the police for violation of civil rights or murder? Why must we compile a body of statistics about citizens killed by the police?

Join us as we talk to the administrator of the two Facebook pages, Killed by Police [] and Pig State News [], which track tens of thousands of deaths of people killed by police shootings and other forms of homicide by law enforcement officers.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Building A New Movement Against Racism and Police Terror

At least 2,337 people—a large number of whom were black and poor--have been killed by law enforcement officers in America since the beginning of 2009. The police are hired guns, a corrupt, out-of-control, murderous, military occupying army. They are recruited by the government to beat and kill poor and working class people who dare to demand their rights and begin to organize to dismantle the system that was created by the government to oppress them, or just Black people murdered by racist in the cases of modern day legal lynchings. Yet, too many people in the black community believe the lie that if they “work with the police,” this will stop crime in our community. Nothing could be further from the truth since it is the government which is responsible for the poverty and desperation which breeds crime in the first place. Join us for a discussion on Black Autonomy Federation Radio about building a new grassroots, anti-racist/anti-cop movement and an organized resistance struggle to stop racist police terror.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Black Faces in High Places, Obama, Capitalism and the Fate of Black America

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This week on Black Autonomy Federation radio, we will talk about "Black Faces in High Places: Obama, Capitalism and the Fate of Black America." Many Black people (and so-called white progressives) are finally waking up to the fact after 5 years of Obama's administration, nothing has changed for Black America or the working poor. After years of massive unemployment, mass imprisonment,police killings and brutality, urban poverty, and other problems, there is no targeted programs from the Black President's administration.

We talk about why we should not expect Obama to do anything for anybody but the rich, since Wall Street put him in office and it is whom he answers to. We also talk about how electoral politics is a false road for social change by radicals or Black community activists, and that the people hold the keys to our own organization and liberation.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

World War III: The World Is A Ghetto--Part I

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Tonight we will discuss the current 3rd world war as a class war on the poor and oppressed peoples, instead of a war of nation-states. We will discuss how "world wars" have always afforded oppressed and colonized peoples the opportunity to fight for their own freedom, while their governments are fighting to restore capitalism and beat down so-called "rogue nations". Tonight, we will talk about the international class war in terms of peoples of color building a new revolutionary solidarity and liberation movement in both the so-called 3rd world and Western powers, similar to the Black Panther Party co-founder Huey P. Newton's ideas of "Revolutionary Intercommunalism and the Right of Nations to Self-Determination" in the early 1970's.