Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dismantling The Political Plantation

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The futility and corruption of U.S. representative politics is currently being made known to the masses of American people, more so than at any time since the right to vote was won for all in 1965. In 2014, there is widespread confusion, anger, and disappointment over the political system in America. Is this the moment to successfully struggle for radical direct democracy, and can the black revolutionary movement serve as a platform for building a new (non)political system for dual power for poor and working class people? Join us as we discuss "Dismantling the Political Plantation: The 2014 Elections and the Need for Radical Direct Democracy."

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  1. Yes we can S. Reid. I have been a Native Black American Autonomist all of my life. I have written and visited most nearly every group or org in our communities.

    I am overjoyed to see that the Youth and Our Elders have made this Social Movement, Our Movement Official.