Saturday, December 14, 2013

Stop Snitching: End Police Spying and Frame-Ups

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All over America, police departments are using so-called citizens' groups to serve as spies and to help the police make their criminal cases. The police use anti-gang programs to take away everyone's rights. This is a dangerous development in our communities that we need to organize against. - Free myspace Profile Counter


  1. Here, in Dakota county, Minnesota we have what they call a Joint Task Force involving the Ramsey County, Scott County and Dakota County Sheriffs Departments, The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, local Police, Homeland Security and the NATIONAL GUARD also Citizen informant groups. This area is the suburbs and not really a hot bed of crime.

    It's reminiscent of the NAZI era with neighbors informing on neighbors and children informing on parents using methods commonly refereed to as "gang stalking" (Google this topic) also watch for other Stasi police methods, hand signals of communication and the color red in clothing. you will find it interesting but scary at the same time if you are as "target". It's real...

  2. “We will go to #Washington to demand from #government what we have paid for with our sweat and blood!” -Louis Farrakhan.