Saturday, November 16, 2013

Memphis Police CounterInsurgency I

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Tonight we discuss the past spying campaigns by the Memphis Police Department and the FBI but our main focus will on the current spying campaign against the Black Autonomy Federation since the creation of the Memphis, Tennessee group.

Since 2012 when our group has started, we have been subjected to a campaign of surveillance and disruption by local police, including the so-called "Peace Police", nonviolent white radical groups working with the cops as pacification agents to subvert our efforts to do community organizing, especially against police brutality.

We talk about how the government has used its control of the media to "disappear" us from local public commentary. It is important to know about CounterInsurgency in this period, which is a successor to the FBI's COINTELPRO which disrupted and destroyed civil rights groups and Black Power era movements like the Black Panther Party.

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