Saturday, October 26, 2013

Whats for Dinner?

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How to reestablish a community controlled food system and how to eliminate food deserts. How can we offer communities healthy food choices. How does food effect our children's education. Re-imagining the re-development of Black America, education and employing our own.


Dr. Bryce Davis Of Antioch University . The difference being poorer race and class indicates living in close proximity to environmental degradation, the urban grocery gap (or food deserts), lack of access to green space (exacerbates obesity), (asthma) fresh air etc. All of these factors inhibit the education of these individuals, and thereby their future occupation, social status, and access to upward social mobility. In my work, I have working to solve these problems through education. For example, providing experiential programmatic learning opportunities and sustainable career pathways through community gardens and solar energy projects in urban schools. "eco-apartheid."

Dr Walter Greason Professor of History at Monmouth University in New Jersey. Walter Greason's research include African and American history, emphasizing the relationship between poverty and economic development. His interests also include the trans-Atlantic slave trade, innovation in experiential education, and the intellectual legacy of white supremacy. - Free myspace Profile Counter

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